Additional samples proving competency and range are available upon request.

Entirety of English-language branded website texts and talent attraction blog post for Witted Megacorp Oy (new umbrella company of Talented, Mavericks, and New Things Co as of early 2022).

Employer Success story/use case for Claned, where I owned content marketing, communications, and SEO strategy:

How to use blended learning to teach three courses concurrently

Creative brand and technical texts for

Brand story and support texts.

Flavor text and descriptions/specs for the following apps:

B2B blog posts and case studies I’ve written as a freelance contractor:

Series of blog posts for Xolo:

Blog post for Flowrite:

How to write a professional email – 5 easy steps & 5 best practices

Blog Posts for OGOShip:

Case Studies:

Tant och Farbror

Sample blog post for SaaS corporate blog to roll out a proposed eBook along with a sample of a four-month digital content marketing plan utilizing the content over weekly blog posts for inbound and organic search marketing.

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